Inter-cast Marriage Specialist


From the medieval times, Indian society has been divided into four major caste or divisions. Now, this caste system is further divided into many sub castes and sub divisions. The effects of caste system are very prominent in the Indian society and many issues are surrounded around the caste system. People have become very strict and severe when it comes to the matter of their caste and religion.

 In society, marriage is the major aspect which is surrounded by different issues. One of the major issues which now governing in the marriage is the caste system. Parents do not allow their children to marry someone other than or out of their caste. They want their children to follow certain and specific rituals and customs in their marriage. But when the child wants to marry out of their caste, parents fear that they will not follow those ceremonies or rituals. In India, now it is becoming a matter of honor that their child has not married someone in their caste. The elder generation is very serious about their caste and the status related to their caste in the society. There is now the problem of understanding clashes between the younger and elder generations. The younger generation wants to remove all these barrios and wants to choose their life partner according to their wishes, desires, understanding and comfort. Marriage is a very serious matter, though so it becomes very crucial that this generation gap should be removed or there should be mutual understanding between parents and their children. The bottom line is that the parents and children both should be happy with the choice of the partner while taking the decisions in marriage. Parents should not feel that they are left out by their children in taking the most important decision of their child’s life as they are the most important people in the children’s life and children should have the liberty to choose the right soul mate with whom they have to spend the rest of their life.

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