Shani Dosha Upay-Remedies

Shani Dosha arises when the planet Saturn occupies any of the Cardinal Houses in the natal or horoscope chart. Saturn, also known as Shani, is known to be the greater malefic and it is the most feared planet in astrology. One of the main function of Saturn or shani in kundali is contraction, restriction and limitation. Shani or Saturn is considered to be the father / authority figure due to its disciplinarian teachings. The learning is not always pleasant but they help the person to grow mature and gain better understanding of the world around us. Saturn reveals limitations, fears and responsibilities in the person’s birth chart as per its association with the astrological sign.

This planet can bring misery, accidents, loss, hurdles, poverty, disappointment and sorrow in the person’s life. It is known to make things difficult for people. Shani is the bringer of structure and discipline to the world, hence it has come to be known as a planet of justice also. Despite its negative impact, Saturn can also bestow an individual with great wealth and fame when it is placed in beneficial house and sign in the birth chart. It is also known to deliver long life to people if he is placed in the person’s favor in horoscope. So, to escape from bad effects of Saturn and bring joy with the help of the planet Saturn, you should consult the best astrologer in India Astrologer Aaditya Ji who himself is the devotee towards God and Shani Dev.

Some of the ill – effects that can be caused due to Shani Dosha in your kundali is:

  • Health problems or medical related problems. The person may become or remains sick.
  • The person may have to face accidents throughout his or her life.
  • The person having Shani Dosha mostly remains or feels angry all the time. That is the reason they got themselves into fight and quarrels all the time.
  • The person may have to face financial problems in his / her life.
  • The person seems to work very hard to solve a very petite problem.
  • The person may have to face losses in business or he can also lost his position in the business.
  • The person seems to take very less advantage of the opportunities that he / she gets in their life.

If you also face such kind of problems, you can meet astrologer Astrologer Aaditya Ji. He will help you to get rid of all these situations in your life. He will read your kundali or horoscope thoroughly and will tell you whether you have this dosha or not. There are certain remedies or upaya which he can provide you to overcome the difficulties which can be arouse due to shani greha. There are certain Mantras which he will tell you to chant on specific days or certain occasions to lessen the effects of shani or Saturn planet.

The color associated with Shani or Saturn planet is Black, and the gemstone associated with this planet is Sapphire.

Consult Aditya Sharma ji and get all the remedies for your problems.